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Introducing lawful wedded wives of Nawab Moin Ud Dowla Bahadur Ameer E Paigah Asman Jahi

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The word Paigah, which means pomp and rank in Persian, was a title given by the second Nizam of Hyderabad to Nawab Abul Fateh Taig Jung Bahadur in appreciation of the royal services rendered by him. The Nawab was also conferred with the title of Shams-ul-Umra, and he became the founder of the Paigah family.

After Abul Fateh's death in 1791, his son Fakhruddin Khan inherited the estates and titles. He was given the title Amir-e-Kabir, which meant Head of the Nobles. He also married the daughter of Asaf Jah II, Sahebzadi Bashirunissa Begum in 1797. Thus began the tradition of marrying the Nizam's daughters to young men of the Paigah family.

Fakhruddin Khan's grandson through his third son was Sir Asman Jah. Fakhruddin Khan's fourth son Rasheeduddin Khan had two sons, Viqar-ul-Umra and Khurshid Jah.

Sir Asman Jah had just one son i.e, Nawab Moin Ud Dowla Bahadur Ameer E Paigah Asman Jahi alias Inayat Jung Bahadur, Minister of Industries. Nawab Asman Jah alias Nawab Mohammed Mazher Uddin Khan died in year 1898, prime minister of Hyderabad. Nawab Moin Ud Dowla Bahadur became the Ameer E Paigah.


The Four Wives

Nawab Moin Ud Dowla Bahadur had four legitimate wives and their names are Raheem Unnisa Begum, Ladli Begum, Liyaqat Begum and Mehboob Begum. Nawab Moin Ud Dowla Bahadur died in 1941 and all four were alive. Legal heirs of all four wives are still alive and they didn't receive their complete legal share yet as they have been neglected.

They got all the evidences to proof that they are the real legal heirs decree holders from Civil Court, High Court, Muntakhab number 3 issued by CCLA and Jagir Administration etc. Legal Heirs have the succession issued by the Civil Court and High Court.

Shares from Railway, Securities, Jewelleries, Makhta lands, commutation of Jagirs and compensation of Rubats(Makkah and Medinah namely Bagh-e-Shamsiya, Tawatiya etc) yet to be received.

First Wife Successors

Raheem Unnisa Begum

Wife of Nawab Moin Ud Daula Bahadur
1. Faiz Khan(Brother)
Hussain Khan
Hussaini Begum(Wife)
Md. Abdul Rehman Khan
Md. Sharfuddin Khan
Khaja Badar Unnisa Begum(Wife)
Ruksana Begum
Farzana Begum
Rasheed Khan
Md. Masood Khan
Pasha Begum(Wife)
Mehraz Begum
Md. Arshad Khan
Nikhat Begum
Azmat Begum
Masrat Begum
Afsari Begum
Choti Begum
Md. Mahboob Khan
Afzal Begum
Shoukat Fatima
Afroz Khan
Md. Fayyaz Khan
Md. Riyaz Khan
Sameena Begum
Zareena Banu
Maimuna Banu
Durdana Banu
Bibi Sara
Md. Yakhoob Khan
Md. Ibrahim Khan
Md. Osman Khan
2. Hayat Khan(Brother)
Shamsher Khan
Fatima Begum(Wife)
Rehman Khan
Durdana Begum(Wife)
Lal Mohammed Khan
Rizwana Begum(Wife)
Mohammed Kareem Khan
Fatima Begum
Ruqsana Begum
Asma Begum
Mohammed Sardar Khan
Farzana Begum(Wife)
Mohammed Murtuza Khan
Rehana Sultana
Neha Sultana
Mohammed Hyder Khan
Fatima Begum (Wife)
Mohammed Mustafa Khan
Mohammed Shahbaz Khan
Mohammed Imtiyaz Khan
Aliya Begum (Wife)
Mohammed Ibrahim Khan
Naziya Begum
Mohammed Aijaz Khan
Amtul Nikhat Ameena (Wife)
Mohammed Rehan Khan
Khatija Khanam
Mohammedi Khanam
Mohammed Yaseen Khan
Saleha Begum (Wife)
Mohammed Yahiya Khan
Rumesa Khanam
Rida Khanam
Afnan Khanam
Shahnaz Begum
Syed Masood Ali
Shahana Begum
Momina Mehraj Begum
Aijaz Ali
Mohammed Anwar Ali
Mohammed Barkat Ali
Mohammed Sajid Ali
Mohammed Shahid Ali
Mohammed Saif Ali
Mohammed Saqlin Ali
Mohammed Sahil Ali
Mohammed Nehal Ali
Mohammed Subbian Ali
Raheema Begum
Asiya Begum
Sahiba Begum
Sariya Begum
Shahreen Begum
Qamar Unnisa Begum
Syed Turab Uddin (Husband)
Rabiya Begum
Abid Khan
Ruksana Begum(Wife)
Faiyaz Khan
Syada Hajera Begum(Wife)
Ahmed Khan
Mustafa Khan
Khizra Unnisa
Khatija Unnisa
Riyaz Khan
Saba Unnisa Begum(Wife)
Md. Hammad Khan
Md. Mohammed Khan
Zehra Begum
Ameena Begum
Md. Ilyaz Khan
Farheen Begum(Wife)
Md. Mohammed Khan
Saba Unnisa
Zeba Unnisa
Fatima Unnisa
Md. Ali Khan
Faimida Begum(Wife)
Md. Muddasir Khan
Md. Rayan Khan
Md. Mohammed Khan
Zoya Khan
Md. Hussain Khan
Fareeda Begum(Wife)
Ruksana Begum
Sameena Begum
Shaik Akbar
Shaik Moin
Shaik Maryam
Arshyia Fatima
Mohd Abdul Rahmaan
Humera Fatima
Arefa Fatima
Aafiya Fatima
Bibi Saira Bano
Syed Abdul Aleem
Syed Abdul Nayeem
Syed Abdul Raheem
Syeda Rahat Unnisa
Afzal Khan
Tahera Begum(Wife)
Imran Khan
Sadia Zareen
Rida Fatima
Mohammed Uzayr
Salman Khan
Asma Begum
Irfan Khan
Rubina Begum
Mir Raffan Ali Khan
Rana Begum
Wajiha Fatima
Mohammed Abdul Nafi
Rayeesa Begum
Ghousia Begum
Safiya Begum
Syed Shab Uddin
Shakeela Begum (Wife)
Syed Zain-Ul-Abedin
Farheen Begum(Wife)
Syed Sultan Salah Uddin
Syed Noor Uddin
Syeda Safa Mariya
Syed Raheem Uddin
Syed Sulaiman
Mohammadi Begum
Mohammed Hafeez Uddin
Zehra Safiya
Quzaima Azra
Ruqaiya Begum
Laiba Sameer
Hajera Firdous
Syed Basheer Uddin
Gousiya Begum (Wife)
Syed Junaid Uddin
Syed Sami Uddin
Syed Shams Tabrez Uddin
Yasmeen Fatima
Anam Fatima
Habeeba Fatima
Syed Turab Uddin
Qumar Unnisa Begum (Wife)
Syed Sadeq
Syed Taj
Syed Mustafa
Syed Bilal
Syed Siddiqui
Ayesha Sultana
Syed Abdul Ahmed
Syed Abdul Rahman
Sana Begum
Sara Begum
Afreen Sultana
Syed Nisar Ahmed
Muneera Unnisa
Mubeena Unnisa
Sumaiyya Begum
Syed Yousuf Uddin
Shabana Begum (Wife)
Syed Adil
Syed Owais
Shaila Begum
Mohammed Arman
Mohammed Adnan
Shaima Begum
Sabahath Begum
Maimoona Begum
Shifa Begum
Mohammed Abdul Muqtadir
Sumaiyya Begum
Syeda Ahmedi Begum
Abdul Ghouse Khan
Zeenath Begum
Abdul Feroz Khan
Sania Fatima
Sadiya Fatima
Abdul Akber Khan
Mehraj Begum
Abdul Fardeen Khan
Farman Khan
Faizan Khan
Ayesha Fatima
Masrath Fatima
Faisal Bin Ali
Ruhi Fatima
Nusrath Begum
Syed Fasi
Syed Kazee
Syeda Najma Fatima
Ishrath Fatima
Abdul Rahman Khan
Mariyam Fatima
Hafsa Fatima
Zakia Begum
Syed Najmuddin
Sabia Begum
Noori Begum
Rabiya Begum
Syed Ghouse
Syed Feroze
Sara Begum
Maryam Begum
Zareena Begum
Zainab Sultana
Sultana Begum
Md. Iftekhar Khan
Yasmeen Begum(Wife)
Md. Shamsheer Ruman Khan
Meraj Begum
Ghousia Maliha Begum
Md. Rizwan Sahil
Siraj Begum
Md. Bilal Sufiyan
Sofiya Neha
Parveen Begum
Md. Faisal Younus
Md. Faiz Kabir
Firdous Afreen
Md. Fahad Hussain Faizan
Mumtaz Begum
Madeeha Begum Hajera
Maryam Begum
Zehra Begum
Md. Ghouse Mohinuddin Khan
Basheer Unnisa Begum(Wife)
Naseem Sultana
Shameem Sultana
Shaik Afzal Pasha
Shaik Sarwar Pasha
Rizwana Sultana
Rayeesa Sultana
Md. Ashraf
Nausheen Sultana
Rashed Khan
Shameem Sultana(Wife)
Md. Irshad Khan
Salma Unnisa
Mohammed Ayan Khan
Mohammed Azaan Khan
Md. Nawaz Mohiuddin Khan
Md. Akber Khan
Ruksaar Unnisa
Shahreena Unnisa
Ayesha Siddiqua Unnisa
Qaswa Unnisa
Mirza Mohammed Zubair Baig
Baktyar Unnisa
Mirza Mohammed Zain Baig
Mirza Mohammed Usaid Baig
Naser Mohiuddin Khan
Rahamath Fatima(Wife)
Md. Siraj Khan
Duraksha Sultana (Wife)
Iyaan Akbar Khan
Md. Sameer Khan
Mohammed Ayan Akbar Khan
Raheem Sultana
Md. Hamed Mohiuddin Khan
Raheema Sultana
Amena Asra
Samreen Sultana
Md. Abubakar
Md. Omer
Bilquees Begum(Wife)
Md. Feroz Khan
Naseem Sultana (Wife)
Khudeja Khanam
Mahmooda Nazia
Md. Rayees Mohiuddin Khan
Fouziya Begum (Wife)
Kareen Unnisa Begum
Azmath Unnisa Begum
Mohammed Shahbaz Mohiuddin Khan
Nafees Unnisa Begum
Md. Shakeel Mohiuddin Khan
Shahnaz Begum (Wife)
Mohammed Fayyaz Mohiuddin Khan
Maliha Begum
Zoha Begum
Md. Waseem Mohiuddin Khan
Ayesha Firdous (Wife)
Mohammed Ghouse Mohiuddin Khan
Bilquis Begum
Arshiya Begum
Mohammed Saleem Uddin
3. Yousuf Khan(Brother)
Md. Abdullah Khan
Begum Jani(Wife)
Naseem Sultana
Yasmeen Sultana
Pasha Begum
Manzoor Hussain
Zeba Kausar(Wife)
Syed Noman Hussain
Syed Roman Hussain
Syed Zeeshan Hussain
Ayesha Sultana
Faiz Unnisa Begum
Zeb Unnisa Begum
Nawab Begum
Firdous Shaheen
Masood Begum
Md. Manzoor Pasha
Mujeeb Unnisa Begum
Jani Begum
Md. Hashmath Ali Khan
Maryam Ansari
Md. Maqdoom Ali Ansari
Md. Rahil Ansari
Md. Adnan Ansari
Shama Ansari
Md. Ghazanfar Ali Khan
Asma Begum(Wife)
Md. Faizan Ali Ansari
Zoya Ansari
Anabiya Ansari
Asma Zubair
Md. Sohail Zubair Kabir
Seema Rasheed
Md. Imran
Md. Khadar
Md. Subhan
Md. Rayan
Ayesha Maheen
Meraj Mahveen
Nikhat Nooreen
Arshiya Amreen
Sara Khan
Md. Rayyan Khan
Md. Ali Khan
Juhaina Khan
Putli Begum
Habeeb Unnisa Begum
Gulam Yahya Mohiuddin
Yasmeen Fazilath
Ismail Khan Bakshi
Mohammed Dastagir Khan
Mohammed Ajmal Khan
Mujeeb Unnisa Begum
Syed Sardar Hussain
Syeda Shahnaz Hussain
Rafiya Unnisa Begum
Ihtesham Khan
Naseem Sultana (Wife)
Mohammed Shanawaz Khan
Ghazala Sultana
Saba Sultana
Habeeb Unnisa Begum
Mohammed Hashmath Ali Khan
Mariya Ansari
Asma Zubair Kabeer
Seema Rasheed
Sara Mohammed Durrani
Mohammed Ghazanfar Ali Khan
Syeda Asma (Wife)
Mansoor Ahmed Khan
Naseem Sultana (Wife)
Mohammed Riyaz Ahmed Khan
Azmath Unnisa (Wife)
Barika Tabassum
Irum Tabassum
Mohammed Yousuf Ahmed Khan
Asifa Naaz
Aymen Siddiqui
Tahoora Siddiqui
Bilal Siddiqui
Mohammed Ghouse Khan
Salma Najeha (Wife)
Mohammed Azam Khan
Zehra Butool
Ghazala Sultana
Saba Sultana

Second Wife Successors

Ladli Begum

Wife of Nawab Moin Ud Daula Bahadur
1. Mirza Khader Ali Baig(Brother)
Kulsum Begum(Daughter) Wife of Syed Mohammed Imad Uddin Hasan
Syed Mohammed Jameel Uddin Hasan @Chand Pasha
Syed Mohammed Riyaz Uddin Hasan @Khaliq
Syed Zabi Uddin
Syed Zaid Uddin
Syed Mohammed Rafi Uddin Hasan
Syed Mohammed Faza Uddin Hasan
Syeda Noorjahan Begum
Syed Shah Fahad
Syed Shah Zoheb
Syeda Shagufta
Syeda Farheen Begum
Shakera Arsheen
Syeda Nazneen Begum
Mohammed Ayaz
Syed Mohammed Qutbuddin Hasan
Syed Mohammed Ahmed Uddin Hasan @ Afzal
S.M. Shujauddin Hassan
Kulsum Ahmed @ Shehma
Kahkashan Ahmed @ Shayan
Kaushif Ahmed @ Simran
Shifa Ahmed @ Ruhi
S.M. Qutub Uddin Hassan @ Shafat
S.M. Shakeeb Uddin Hassan @ Abrar
Khadija Ahmed @ Rahila
Syed Mohammed Naseer Uddin Hasan
Mohammed Muzammil Arsalaan @ Aayan
Nazera Begum
Yasmeen Fatima
Tahniyat Fatima
Hibtullah Fatima
Rahmatullah Nooren
Syed Mohammed Shafi Uddin Hasan @Moin Pasha
Syed Mohammed Sadiq Uddin Hasan @Rasheed
Syeda Raheem Unnisa
Juweriya shafi
Fiza Shafi
Salma Kausar
Afiya Sultana
Bushra Sultana
Mohammed Akbar Mohiuddin
Syed Mohammed Sami Uddin Hasan
Aiman Unnisa
Syeda Zaib Unnisa
Sumaiya Maryam
Abubakar Siddique Khan
Syeda Jameel Unnisa Begum
Mohammed Safwan
Mohammed Rayyan
Syeda Kareem Unnisa Begum
Syed Shahriyar Uddin Hasan
Syed Mohammed Shahab Uddin Hasan @Shakeel Pasha
Syed Mohammed Faiz Uddin Hasan @Shahbaz
Syed Mohammed Imaduddin Hasan
Syeda Faariha Unnisa Begum
Syed Mohammed Faiyaz Uddin Hasan @Shahnawaz
Syed Mohammed Misbah Uddin Hasan @Shaji
Syeda Shujatunnisa Begum W/o Mohd Waseem Ahmed
Mohammed Abrar Ahmed
Syeda Shoukat Begum @Shahnaz Bibi W/o S.A.M. Mohiuddin
S.A.M. Mujeeb Uddin @Prince Khurram
Syed Mansoor Uddin
Sara Fatima
S.A.M. Moiz Uddin @Asim
Syed Muaz Uddin
Iqra Mahwish
Salma Kausar @Tasneem
Syed Sarfaraz Mohiuddin
Syeda Seema
Syeda Fatima
Asma Kausar
Syed Zabi Uddin
Syed Zaid Uddin
Arshiya Parveen W/o Ibrahim Bin Abdul Salam @Mukhtar
Abdul Gafoor Bin Ibrahim @Aslam
Sobiya Anjum @ Huda
Abdullah Bin Abdul Gafoor @Furqan
Akram Sayeed
Safwan Bin Akram Sayeed
Meraj Anjum W/o S.M. Rafiuddin Hasan
Syed Mohammed Faza Uddin Hasan
Syeda Ayesha Jabeen W/o Syed Mustafa Hashmi
Syed Mushtaq Hashmi @Imran
Syed Mohsin Hashmi @Irfan
Syeda Maryam Shireen
Syeda Husna Shireen
Syeda Amena Begum
Syeda Hafsa Maheen
Syeda Mohammedi Begum
Syeda Nazia Mateen

Third Wife

Liyaqat Begum

Wife of Nawab Moin Ud Daula Bahadur
1. Ahmed Hussain(Brother)
Tasadduq Hussain
Tahseen Hussain
Yousuf Hussain
Ameera Fatima Yousuf
Salma Tahseen
Mohammed Mukarram Hussain
Hamda Mukarram Hussain
Akbar Hussain
Mohammed Mustafa Hussain
Mohammed Omer Hussain
Mohammed Ali Hussain
Maleeha Akbar
Wasi Hussain
Aijaz Hussain
Mohammed Ahmed Raza Hussain
Mohammed Ibrahim Hussain
Mohammed Muqtadar Hussain
Ahmed Hussain
Ruqsana Fatima W/o Khaja Naseeruddin Qureshi
Farhana Fatima W/o Mohd Irfan
Alina Fatima
Firdous Fatima W/o Syed Fayaq
Kashaf Fatima
Mazher Hussain
Mizan Hussain
Zaheer Fatima W/o Syed Siraj Uddin
Maleka Fatima W/o Mohammed Ashfaq Ahmed Khan
Mohammed Amjad Khan
Mohammed Ameen Khan
Mohammed Mubeen Khan
Mohammed Anas Khan
Anam Fatima Khan
Mohammed Majed Khan
Mohammed Zyan Khan
Zehra Fatima Khan
Zunairah Khan
Mohammed Rashid Khan
Mohd Abubakar Zarak Khan
Mohammed Adam Khan
Mohammed Rasheed Khan
Mohammed Mustafa Khan
Nikhat Fatima W/o Gulam Mohammed
Rafeeq Mohammed
Zaid Gulam Mohammed
Mohammed Zuheb
Ateeq Mohammed
Bushra Fatima
Toufeeq Mohammed
Siddiq Mohammed
Asif Mohammed
Wasif Mohammed
Ayesha Fatima W/o Mohammed Azher Uddin
Inayah Fatima
Nusaiba Fatima
Nasreen Fatima W/o Mohammed Mujeeb Qureshi
Mohammed Abdul Aziz Qureshi
Falak Fatima
Mohammed Abdul Wahab Qureshi
Farheen Fatima W/o Imad Mohammed
Anabia Imad Mohammed
Anshara Imad Mohammed
Fareed Imad Mohammed
Sajjad Hussain
Zakir Hussain
Sara Hashmi(First Wife)
Rishad Hussain
Meraj Noorani(Second Wife)
Ashna Hussain
Alaisa Hussain
Ayesha Sayeed(Third Wife)
2. Imdad Hussain(Brother)
Nawab Begum W/o Tasadduq Hussain
Tahseen Hussain
Yousuf Hussain
Ameera Fatima Yousuf
Salma Tahseen
Mohammed Mukarram Hussain
Hamda Mukarram Hussain
Akbar Hussain
Mohammed Mustafa Hussain
Mohammed Omer Hussain
Mohammed Ali Hussain
Maleeha Akbar
Wasi Hussain
Aijaz Hussain
Mohammed Ahmed Raza Hussain
Mohammed Ibrahim Hussain
Mohammed Muqtadar Hussain
Zaheer Fatima
Aziz Sultana W/o Abdul Qayyum
Laeeq Ahmed
Ishtiyaque Laeeq
Afaaque Laeeq
Mohammed Asif Laeeq
Afreen Laeeq W/o Ahmed Tayyab
Ahil Ahmed
Adeeba Ahmed
Amreen Laeeq W/o Khader Malik Khan
Hashim Hussain
Saleem Ahmed Hussain
Shazia Saleem W/o Ishaq Ibrahim Khan
Shaikh Imdad Hussain
Shadab Ahmed Hussain
Imtiyaz Ahmed Hussain

Fourth Wife

Mehboob Begum

Wife of Nawab Moin Ud Daula Bahadur

No records available.


Rare Footage - Nawab Moin Ud Daula

Rare footage - A letter from Nawab Moin Ud Daula to her dearest wife Ladli Begum

Jadd E Aala - Nawab Abul Fateh Khan Tegh Jung, Shams-ud-Daula, Shams-ul-Mulk, Shams-ul-Umrah. (Founder of the Paigahs)

Fakhr Uddin Khan Bahadur - Shams Ul Umra II

Nawab Fakhruddin Khan with Sons Rafiuddin Khan and Rasheeduddin Khan

Rafi Uddin Khan Ameer E Kabeer II (Shams Ul Umra III)

Shams Ul Umra Rafeeuddin Khan with Brothers

Shams-Ul Umra with Salar Jung I


Asman Jah with Cousins Khursheed Jah and Viqar Ul Umra

Asman Jah at Wedding Ceremony of Eldest son of Khursheed Jah

Nawab Asman Jah

Parwarish Bagh Belongs to Mehboob Unnisa Begum - Wife of Moin Ud Daula

Parwarish Bagh mentioned in historic book "Heritage Capital Hyderabad Picture Book"

Asman Ghar Palace belongs to Paigah Asman Jahi

Basheerbagh Palace Exterior

Basheerbagh Palace Interior

Mahbub Chowk Clock Tower near Charminar Belongs to Nawab Asman Jah Bahadur



Zaheer Yar Jung with Nizam in Palace

Zaheer Yar Jung with Sons of Nizam

Paigah_Tombs in Santoshnagar, Opp. Owaisi Hospital, Hyderabad.

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